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$ 49 /mo

Powerful File Uploading with Amazon S3 Storage Integration.

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  • File Uploads8,000
  • File Transformations25,000
  • Viewing Bandwidth50 GB
  • File Upload Size250 MB
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$ 149 /mo

Additional Integrations with Microsoft, Rackspace, and Google.

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  • File Uploads40,000
  • File Transformations150,000
  • Viewing Bandwidth200 GB
  • File Upload Size2 GB
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$ 299 /mo

For high usage applications plus additional features

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  • File Uploads100,000
  • File Transformations300,000
  • Viewing Bandwidth400 GB
  • File Upload Size5 GB
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Upload, Transform, and Deliver Files from Anywhere on the Web. Free Forever.

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  • File Uploads250
  • File Transformations500
  • Viewing Bandwidth3 GB
  • File Upload Size50 MB

Limits will reset monthly

Filestack Pro

Full Featured and Customizable Plans with a Service Level Agreement for All Usage Levels.

  • Pooled Resources
  • Custom OAuth
  • Management API
  • Priority Support
  • Private Labeling
  • Advanced Transformations
  • Custom SDK
  • Custom CNAME

“With Filestack, we save our customers hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent consolidating files.“

Felix Sargent At

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“We got more features by switching Filestack. It simplified our DevOps, eliminated state on our servers and made it significantly easier to scale dynamically.“

Julian Connor at

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“We chose Filestack for the uploading option as we simply did not want to deal with it or build it ourselves. It is better to get someone specialized in this area to do it.”

Ankur Nagpal at

social print studio
  • Ted
  • Zenefits
  • Virgin
  • Slideshare
  • Tilt
  • Teachable

Powerful Features Included in all Plans

File Uploads

  • File Upload Widget

  • RESTful API to Upload Files

  • 20+ Cloud Integrations

  • Upload Any File Type

File Transformations

  • Image Transformations

  • Responsive Images

  • Document Conversions

  • Audio/Video Encoding


  • Integrated CDN

  • Webhooks

  • Mobile SDK

  • Great Customer Support

Some Optional Features

Custom CNAME


Use your own domain instead of Filestack to ensure that your app is always whitelisted.

Private Labeling


Replace Filestack's logo with your own branding on your File Picker for a seamless user experience.

Document Viewer


Embed PDFs, PowerPoints, and more directly on your website, without any heavy plugins.

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James Oliver Wemontage

“Filestack affects our bottom line because we’re not focusing on the development of uploading files, we just focusing on our core product. ”


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Weiting Liu - Founder of Codementor

“Filestack is an amazing file uploading service with a complete feature set that requires virtually no code.”

Weiting Liu - Founder of Codementor

Read Full Case Study
Weiting Liu - Founder of Codementor

“Filestack is an amazing file uploading service with a complete feature set that requires virtually no code.”


Read Full Case Study

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